Meet Raiden Network (RDN) An Undervalued Coin That Powers Microtransactions for Games & Robots!

    It’s no secret that blockchain’s most negative aspect is its scalability. For instance, imagine if every single application, website and mobile app had to run on one internet server? That’s essentially the bottleneck strangling Ethereum right now.
    But guess what? Hope is right around the corner.
    In fact, it’s even here now! It’s called off-chain scaling. And that’s precisely what Raiden Network enables.
    Here’s why this is intriguing. The global payments industry is massive. It’s annual revenue is over $2 Trillion!
    There’s another reason why the Raiden Network has huge potential.
    Actually there’s two.
    First off, the team behind Raiden contains Heiko Hees. The mainstream world doesn’t know about him, but the most important names in blockchain certainly do.
    Hees was deeply involved in Ethereum in the early days. And thanks to him, Ethereum survived the early days when Ethereum faced issues where many questioned if it would ever even work. He worked as the core developer for Ethereum from 2014 to 2016 before moving on to creating the Raiden Network.
    The company behind Raiden Network is called Brainbot. They’re a well-respected company in the blockchain space. They’re also an active member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which boasts names like Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and many others.

    The most intriguing part of the Raiden Network is that it’s not just a currency; it’s a system. And the unit that powers that system is the token ERC-20 token called “RDN”.

    We recommend purchasing RDN through the trading platform called Binance.
    Binance is without a doubt, the most secure blockchain asset exchanges out there. Signing up is pretty straightforward, but note, it will take a little time. Don’t get distracted and give up. You’re going to have to apply and submit your identity information such as your government-issued ID. They do this to comply with “Know Your Customer” and “Anti-money Laundering” laws. Basically this is to ensure that you’re not a terrorist.


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