Eos Launches First Dapp Platform That Scales Without the Fees

    Dan Larimer is bound to have his greatest year ever. The “bytemaster”, according to a recent talk with Satoshi himself, is one of the youngest and most brilliant minds in blockchain. His project EOS is already being talked about as one that will revolutionize the business.
    After a year-long sale, EOS finally went live recently. Even though its launch was not without some trouble, as there was some FUD related to it, the results were still astonishing and we cannot stress enough the expect impact EOS will have on blockchain as a whole.
    Although it is somewhat similar to Ethereum, core differences make it possible to offset fees that end-user end up having to pay for each Ethereum transaction. How do they manage to do this? Through an innovative inflationary mechanism that rewards a set of twenty-one miners called “block producers”. That set is voted on by EOS holders, making it more engaging and community-based.
    In fact, this community approach is precisely what makes EOS so exciting and what is driving most of the enthusiasm by EOS earliest members.
    The most exciting part about EOS’ future, however, are the EOS dApps that are expected to be launched over the course of this year.
    You can see some examples of the EOS dApps we are expecting in the coming months:


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