BITBounce’s Coin “Credo” Makes Email Spammers Pay You In Crypto If They Ever Send You Unwanted Email

    Hate email promotions?
    Even worse, how about spam?
    Spam is the internet’s diertiest secret.
    Not many know this, but spam email costs the global economy $20 billion per year and it accounts for 70% of all email out there.
    Existing regulatory and technological solutions have failed to eliminate the significant monetary cost and negative externalities of unsolicited email and spam.
    Email access outside of known contacts is difficult.
    And that’s where Bitbounce steps in!
    Bitbounce is a blockchain technology that requires people outside of your known contacts to pay you blockchain-based currencies to send you an email!
    This means you can now earn money for reading email promotions!
    We like Bitbounce for a few reasons.
    First off, they’re backed by a strong team of technologists out of San Francisco. Many people have no idea, but the majority of blockchain projects out there are backed by remote teams. Many of the team members are part-timers. That’s not the case with Bitbounce. They know what it takes to grow a technology company. They’re backed by a dedicated team, which is gives them a leg up over other blockchain projects.
    Even more impressive, Bitbounce is backed by one of the biggest venture investors in the space, Mr. Tim Draper himself. He’s the same Draper behind one of the most well-respected venture capital firms in history, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (“DFJ”). DFJ was one of the first investors in Foursquare, Skype,, Coinbase, Tesla and Twitter.
    Could Bitbounce be Draper’s next big win? We certainly hope so.
    The blockchain asset behind Bitbounce is their coin, “CREDO”.
    Purchasing CREDO is rather straightforward. But even so, we’ve decided to work on a post that shows you how to purchase CREDO.
    Look out for that post in the near future.
    Until then, make sure you add CREDO to your list of coins to watch! It looks like it could have a massive year ahead.


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